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Holiday Prime Rib Roast

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

This holiday prime rib roast is perfect for any occasion.

prime rib with green beans and mashed potatoes


1. We start this recipe off by cutting back the ribs a few inches to make room for the herb stuffing.

2. Sauté the stuffing ingredients in a pan. Heat a skillet to medium heat and warm the oil. Add garlic, bacon rosemary, thyme and spinach. Season with our Basic Blend to taste.

3. Next, stuff the roast with your sautéed mixture and tie up the roast with cooking twine. You can either purchase twine from the store, amazon or in some cases, I ask my butcher for a couple feet of twine at the time I pick up the roast.

stuffed rib roast with spinach, herbs and bacon


4. Once the rack is tied, it’s time to season the entire roast. I like to use a more coarse steak rub for this. Start by using a little olive oil to rub on as a binder. Then season liberally with seasoning of your choice. We love our Oden’s Kitchen Steak Seasoning for this.

5. Place the roast on a tray layered above sprigs of fresh herbs, garlic cloves and spinach if you have any left over from the first step.

6. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Roast the Prime Rib Roast until an internal temperature of 125 degrees for medium rare.

7. Make sure to let the roast rest for about 20 minutes before slicing to capitalize on the juices and flavor.

rib roast over fresh herbs and garlic

Slice and top with horseradish cream sauce.

Served with Sautéed green beans and homemade garlic mashed potatoes! This meal is absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

rib roast served medium rare with green beans and mashed potatoes


Prep Time: 20 Minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour 30 Minutes

Rest: 20 Minutes


1 Tbs Olive Oil

1 Cup Spinach

3 slices of diced Bacon

1 tbsp Rosemary

1 tbsp Thyme


Three Bone Rib Roast (Roughly 7-8 lbs.)

1 tbsp Olive Oil

A couple sprigs of thyme (for under the roast rack)

A couple sprigs of rosemary (for under the roast rack)

3-5 Garlic Cloves (for under the roast rack)

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